Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Art. 1 Assignment: The assignment is given to and accepted by ReMedical Group.

Art. 2 General: Work carried out by ReMedical Group will be declared in accordance with and according the proposal and contract plus VAT, 5% general administrative costs, and other third parties invoices charged directly to ReMedical Group. The rates are indexed annually according the price index.

Art. 3 Payment / suspension: Invoices must be paid within thirty days after the invoice date. If invoices are not timely or not fully met, the statutory interest and extrajudicial costs of 15% of the principal amount are owed. ReMedical Group is also entitled to suspend work, of which the consequences are entirely at the expense and risk of the client.

Art. 4Liability: The liability of ReMedical Group, including ReMedical Group and persons employed or commissioned by ReMedical Group, towards the client is limited to the amount paid under the professional liability of ReMedical Group/de medical adviser. If under the professional liability insurance no payment is made, the liability is limited to the amount following the assignment fee (excl. VAT) charged or can be charged to the client.

Art. 5 Third Parties: In case of the execution of the assignment or partially execution of the assignment by third parties, the costs of such third parties will be separately charged to the client. ReMedical Group is not liable for any shortcomings of these third parties towards the client .

Art. 6 Privacy: Personal information will be kept strictly confidential. ReMedical Group confirms to the applicable laws and regulations.

Art. 7 Complaints: In case the client does not agree with the service or the charges, parties may refer the matter to the Board of ReMedical Group.